Philemon - Heart of the Matter

Philemon - Heart of the Matter
Photo by Khadeeja Yasser / Unsplash

We know that in conflict we should seek for restoration. However, this can seem to be the furthest from what we want to do in the mist of conflict. Why is it that our vision can get so clouded that we can not see the path to restoration. And even when see the path, restoration can seem so far away. What conflict are you in the mist of right now?



Not the Same


  • Philemon 1: 17 - 21
    • What has the power to restore?
    • Who's example should we follow?
      • Though a relationship with Christ we are restored in relationship with the Father.

We don't know what happened between Onesimus and Philemon. We don't know what the conflict was about, or why Onesimus choose to leave. However, we can see that God had a purpose in the mist of the conflict. He used Paul to speak into Onesimus. Onesimus was changed by Christ and was made new. Not only that, but He used him to aid Paul. Because Paul knew Philemon, Paul used the conflict as a powerful example of showing the love of Christ to others. He sent Onesimus back to Philemon to seek restoration, and to aid Philemon.